We like the world. Everyone who works for Upplevelsebolaget has spent a large part of their time and hard earned resources to discover and experience our planet. We love the diversity, the variety and the surprises. We like hot and cold, high and low, sweet and salty, black and white. And everything in between.

We also like when the world visit us. Getting visited by guests of different ethnicity, different color, different sex or sexual orientation, different languages, different types of disabilities, different political opinion, religious belief or social status, are doing our work and our business more interesting, more educational, more perfect. More fun, pure and simple.

So welcome to Upplevelsebolaget, all different representatives of the world!

Everyone may not be able to participate in everything we do. A certain disability might be an obstacle to climbing, kayaking or mountain biking? If you have a disability, an allergy, a religious belief, or anything else that may affect the prospects for a visit to us, please contact us. We believe you know your limitations best yourself. Contact us and we will discuss suitable activities and how we best address all practical details for you to be able to participate and have a great experience.