About us

An amazing kayaking trip in the picturesque waterways of Nordströmmarna and around the island of Bassholmen, with a group from Swedish crisps manufacturer Estrella was our very first event. It was 1994 and we could not quite believe we actually got paid to go kayaking. And we still cannot believe it. There is still nothing better one can do.

To grow

We have grown a bit since we started. We’re an approved and quality assured Nature´s Best company and have even been awarded Ecotourism Company of the year in Sweden and Sustainable Company of the year in Uddevalla for example. We are quite proud of all that. But frankly, we are still quite small. Personal, we believe. We think that the important growth is what you experience within yourself. During your time in the kayak, in your climbing harness, in your hiking boots or on your mountain bike. When on adventure. Big or small.

To live

Since we started, we have kayaked, climbed, mountain biked and arranged team building activities with lots of people. Individual adventure seekers as well as most of the large Swedish multi national companies. We still think it’s as much fun as we did when we started. Being able to work outdoors in a fantastic environment and to share memorable experiences with people is a wonderful job. A truly nice way to feel good and to grow. A good way to live. Please join us and share the feeling.